The many benefits of becoming a Norfolk Master Gardener Volunteer are:

• Sharing your horticultural knowledge with friends and neighbors

• Promoting environmental landscaping by helping homeowners reduce chemical use and protect our water sheds and wetlands

• Assisting in beautifying your community and your neighborhoods

• Teaching youth about good gardening practices thru your schools and community centers

• Learning science-based information from university professionals

• Attending ongoing horticultural classes, workshops and lectures

• Meeting new friends and sharing knowledge with fellow gardeners

To become a Norfolk Master Gardener Association member, a person must be either a resident of the City of Norfolk, Virginia, or an employee of the City of Norfolk, Virginia, or an employee the Commonwealth of Virginia and also must be engaged in a horticultural occupation within the City of Norfolk, Virginia.

For an application and information packet call - 757-683-2816

The 10-week training classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:45 am to 12 noon at the Norfolk Botanical Garden and other locations.  Orientation for the 2014 Class will be held on Thursday, February 20, 9:00 am in the 2nd Floor Library of the Norfolk Public Health Building, and the first class will be held on Tuesday, February 25, in the Holly Room of the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

To view the 2014 Class schedule (CLICK HERE)

The course fee for 2014 is $165 which covers the cost of the training materials to include the Master Gardener Volunteer Handbook, educational handouts for the classroom portion of the training and refreshments. Partial scholarships are available through the Norfolk Master Gardener Association.

Upon completion of the class hours and an open book test, trainees will begin their internship as a Norfolk Master Gardener Volunteer (NMGV). The intern has to complete 50 hours of work on NMGV approved projects during the next year. Once the internship period and hours have been completed, Master Gardener Volunteer status has been achieved.

To maintain your NMGV status, each year you must complete a minimum of 20 volunteer hours working on NMG projects and attend 8 hours of educational training classes. Volunteering, learning and teaching are such a great reward and so much fun while doing something you enjoy.